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  • Earthstock Brings the Joy to the Crystal Ballroom

     Two students dance at Earthstock 2024.

    A little over 30 years ago, a Madison High School student named Joseph Janson had a simple wish. 他想去参加舞会. 但对约瑟来说,没有什么是简单的, who was born with Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy and was confined to a wheelchair. 

    他向托尼·尼兹吐露了他的愿望, who at that time was an educational assistant at Madison (now Leodis V. 麦克丹尼尔高中). Tony had been working one-on-one with Joseph for months and he immediately went about making the young man’s dream come true.

    “The truth is, I would have done anything for Joseph,” Nitz said. “He was a unique person, and we had a very special bond.”

  • 格伦科小学 Counselor and GSA Coordinator Pens a Book 亚洲博彩平台 Chosen Family

     This is a photo of Madi Bourdon's book, A Kid's Book 亚洲博彩平台 Chosen Family.

    Madi Bourdon’s first book practically wrote itself. 

    According to the 格伦科小学 counselor and Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) coordinator, it only took them an hour and a half to finish 一本亚洲博彩平台选择家庭的儿童读物, which came out this March with A Kid’s Co. 出版.

  • Mission Accomplished: Roosevelt Senior Helps Green Card Holders Obtain U.S. 公民身份


    For the past three years, Alondra Nieves Barajas has been both student and teacher.

    大多数日子里, the senior from 罗斯福高中 attends class, 她做家庭作业吗?, and spends time with her friends just like any other 18-year-old. 但在周三晚上, 你可以在前台找到她, teaching adults – often much older than herself – the ins and outs of the United States naturalization test.

  • PPS能源高级项目经理 & Sustainability Invited to White House Summit

    When Aaron Presberg first got the email from the White House, he thought it was some sort of prank. 

    Then he shared the message with a few colleagues who assured him that it was no joke, and the exciting reality that he had been invited to Washington, D.C. to present at the White House’s first-ever Summit for Sustainable and Healthy K–12 School Buildings and Grounds started to sink in.




  • Within an environment that fosters diversity, Benson's mission is to integrate hands-on career technical education and core academics today for the innovations of tomorrow.


  • A graduate of Portland Public Schools will be a compassionate critical thinker, able to collaborate and solve problems and be prepared to lead a 更多的 socially just world.