• Online Records Request - HS Transcripts, Registration, Immunization, etc.



    的记录 当前的学生 are stored electronically on a central system. To 请求 records for 当前的学生, please fill out our online 请求 form by going to www.TFAForms.com/367454. You will also need to upload a copy of your current photo ID or passport for verification purposes only.

    If you are in the process of applying to a private school and your child is still an active PPS student, you may proceed to 网上申请表格 (这种形式) or have the private school send a 请求 to records@pps.网.

    If your child is no longer attending a PPS school and you would like a copy of their student file, records are stored electronically at PPS 记录管理 and can be ordered using 这种形式.

    For students transferring out of the PPS district, please have the new school send a 请求 to the last PPS school attended. Records will be transferred once the central office has received the forwarded 请求 from the school site. *请注意,请求 必须 come in PDF format and not as the body of an email*

    在学生的案例中 特殊教育记录, it is required by law that such 请求s are treated urgently. All 请求s by school districts for students identified for 特殊教育 services should be emailed to sped-records@pps.网,或者你可以打电话 503-916-3152 如果你有问题.

    *PPS Staff: Please forward 请求s from outside districts to records@pps.网. 记录管理 will process full CUM transfers from the district office.



    请注意Former PPS students eighteen (18) years of age and older 必须 请求 their records themselves unless legal documentation is provided allowing another adult to obtain records on their behalf. To 索取记录 of a former PPS student, 点击这里. You’ll be redirected to 网上申请表格. Confirmation of 请求or's identification is required via upload of photo ID.


    • 的记录 former students are transferred to electronic format at PPS 记录管理. You may order the former student's records using 这种形式.
    • 学区, 大学, 雇主, and Verification Companies may 索取记录 of a former student if a signed record release statement on organizational letterhead is provided alongside the 请求. *请注意,请求 必须 come in PDF format and not as the body of the email*
    • Officers of the Court, Law Enforcement, and Social 服务 Organizations may 索取记录 of a former student if the 请求 is accompanied by legal documentation allowing PPS 记录管理 to release the record(s).
    • By law we have up to ten (10) business days to respond to your 请求. 


    Please know that our online 请求 form does not function properly on mobile devices such as cell phones. We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer to complete the form. If you continue to have trouble using 网上申请表格, simply send your name and phone number to records@pps.网 and a PPS 记录管理 staff member will be in contact with you.